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The Baby–Book

June 1, 1930

The Baby Book was written by Ella Kan as a diary documenting Alex’ early life from 1930 until 1935. During the war it was hidden in the house of a distant relative, and was at some point given to the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam.


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Photo with Kan family and van Son family

July 1, 1934

A picture showing from upper left Henriëtte van Son - Kan, Freddy van Son, Ella Kan -de Haas, Sera van Son, Jules Kan,Hetty van Son and Henri van Son; sitting Jeanne Maisonpierre and Simon Kan; under Salomon van Son and Alex Kan. The photo is taken in Apeldoorn at the home of the van Son family. The date of the photo is not exactly known.



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Photo series of Alex Kan

August 1, 1936

A series of portrait photos of Alex Kan. The photos were taken when he was around six years old. The exact date is unknown.


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Portrait of Alex

January 1, 1937

This portrait was taken for the occasion of grandfather Simon’s birthday in 1937.


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Forged identity card of Jules Kan

September 1, 1941

When Jules Kan went into hiding, he used a forged identity card under the name Gradus Antonius Albertus Hondeveld. Since then he has been called (Uncle) Gart by those who know him from the war.


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Ella’s last letter

October 13, 1942

This is the last letter Ella Kan wrote before her deportation to Auschwitz. She gave it to Bep Meeusen just before she was boarding the transport to Kamp Westerbork.