Kan Family

The Kan Family consists of Ella, Jules and their son Alex Kan. They married in 1928, and Alex was born in summer 1930. Together they live in Amsterdam at the Milletstraat 16 in Amsterdam. They are all Jewish. Only Jules survives the war.

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Alex Kan

1930 - 1943

Alex is the main character to whom this website is dedicated.

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Ella Kan - de Haas

1901 - 1942

Ella is twin to Betsij Frank – de Haas and they are the younger sisters of Selma Estella de Haas. Their parents are Alexander de Haas and Elise Meijer. Ella's life will soon be discussed in much more detail.

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Jules Kan

1900 - 1994

Jules is both Alex's father and Alex Freddy's father, who was born in 1948. Jules' life will soon be discussed in much more detail.

Family van Son

The Van Son Family consists of Henri and Henriëtte, and their children Sera, Hetty, Freddy and Salomon. Henriëtte is the sister of Jules Kan. They live in Apeldoorn, where Henri works as a butcher. All of them survive the war with the exception of Freddy, who is deported with the same train as Alex.